Brad's Sound Company

Serving Darwin & the Northern Territory


Brad's Sound Company is the proud owner of an extensive range of Pro Audio equipment from QSC, Soundcraft, Peavey, Crown, Sennheiser, Yamaha plus many others.

For small/medium venues we highly recommend our QSC loudspeaker systems.

Our Large venue loudspeaker systems are exclusively Peavey's superb QW2 & QW218

Our amplifiers are from Crown Audio and Peavey's legendary CS series.

Our full concert FOH system boasts 32,480 Watts of amplifier power allowing us to cater for large venues with an audience of up to 3000 people

Our loudspeaker systems are controlled by up to three Peavey VSX26 digital processors

We can supply Soundcraft Si Expression digital consoles for both FOH and/or monitor duties complete with digital stage boxes... 32ch, 24ch and 16ch available.

Our Analogue Sound consoles include 16FX and 8FX A&H units and our main FOH console...the superb Yamaha IM8-32.

Peavey also supplies our extensive range of graphic equalisers & compressors.

Brad's Sound Company rely on Lexicon for our digital effects processing

We offer a very extensive range of microphones... featuring the world class Shure KSM9 condensers for discerning vocalists.

We also offer the superb Sennheiser 945 wireless microphones

For the ladies we have the superb AKG Elle C....tailored to suit the female voice.

As any good sound company should have....a plentiful supply of Shure's industry standard SM57/58.....both cable & wireless

For vocal groups...the Audix ADX51 condensers

We have plenty of Audio Technica, AKG, Audix, & Sennheiser instrument the superb Audix DP8 drum mics.

For MCs, singers, actors we have an extensive range of wireless headsets & earsets.

For acoustic guitars, bass, keyboards etc...we have plenty of active and passive DI both stereo or mono.

For Stereo playback from laptops, ipods etc we offer the Radial J + 4 Stereo interface for optimum sound quality

For monitor (foldback) speakers we offer up to 12 QSC KW122 plus 4 x Yamaha DSR112s.

Our digital FOH (front of house) and/or monitor sound consoles have the versatility for up to 14 seperate foldback mix sends to the stage. from up to 64 inputs.

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Our event hire and production services

Brad's Sound Company is a Darwin, NT based production company specialising in Pro Audio 'Live Sound' reinforcement, lighting and staging services....

From 3000 people at an outdoor rock concert to a small wedding party....For community, School, cultural or corporate events.... DJ party music or spoken word...We supply first class equipment & service, whatever your requirements.

Our aim is simple....To provide Clear sound in any venue at the required volume levels for your audience....& to supply your performers & our sound engineers with the high standard of sound & stage equipment required to achieve this objective.

Our rates are very competitive & negotiable....special consideration is given for community & charitable events.

Above: a 'Pink' tribute show with Brad's sound and lighting.

Service is the Key

We are not simply a 'PA' hire company...We offer a complete sound service providing first class sound quality.....for you, your performers & your audience...

Our service is based on the 'pursuit of excellence' all facets of our work.

Now into our 11th year in business we have built a solid reputation for providing reliable, first class service to many cultural, charity, church and community organizations, corporate, festivals, rock concerts, DJs, weddings and social functions ....

We have provided production for many national and international acts... such as Jessica Mauboy, Angry Anderson, Justice Crew, Diesel, Becky Cole, The Radiators, Sara Storer, Mental as Anything, Thirsty Merc, The Giants, Spectrum, Bondi Cigars, Napathya (Nepal), Victoria band (Indonesia) plus many popular international and local acts.

Brad's Sound Company are continually updating their equipment inventory with excellent audio and lighting gear from Soundcraft, QSC, Sennheiser, ADJ and Event Lighting.

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Above: Brad's 'High Speed' Iveco sound system transporter

Above: The FOH and monitor engineer's Soundcraft digital consoles and stagebox

Above: All set for the Pesona Indonesia 2015 cultural festival..... 2,500+ people in attendance.

Below: 4000watt QSC KW122/K-sub sound system for smaller venues..... modelled by 'Ela'

Below: Albert and Brad - QW2 loudspeaker maintenance